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Portland Wall-Mounted Gazebo 10' x 12' - (500-9165470) - Sojag

by Sojag
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Portland Wall-Mounted Gazebo 10' x 12' - (500-9165470)

Bring the indoors out with the 10' x 12' Portland Wall-Mounted Gazebo from Sojag. This sun shelter is designed to be the perfect extension of one’s home, allowing enjoyment of the outdoors while being sheltered from the elements. Crafted from durable aluminum, it can withstand the toughest of weather conditions and can be left up year round.

It is at the forefront of the new wave of outdoor living with its durable galvanized steel roof and high quality powder-coated aluminum frame. With its nylon mosquito netting, the Portland is perfect for a dining table or conversation set, for hosting an evening get together while providing protection from bugs.

The addition of the high quality spun polyester curtains can provide more intimacy and privacy while adding an extra level of sun protection. Create the perfect haven in your own backyard with this beautiful 4 season mural sun shelter.



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  • Features premium Interpon AkzoNobel powder coating for maximum protection.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant, premium powder coated dark brown aluminum frame.
  • Premium powder coated galvanized steel roof panels.
  • Discreet two-track system makes it easy to attach mosquito net and separately sold privacy curtains.
  • Includes a functional and convenient nylon mosquito netting that attaches easily.
  • Meets CPAI-84 fire retardant international safety standards.
  • Although an all-season gazebo, any accumulation of snow should always be removed from the roof.
  • Recommended to remove curtains and netting for the winter.
  • Warranty Care PDF
  • Assembly Instructions  

Other Sizes Available

Portland Wall-Mounted Gazebo 10' x 14'


How to Assemble?


Customer Reviews

"We absolutely love this little gazebo! My wife and I put it together in about 4 hours. Definitely pay close attention to the instructions and diagrams, especially the orientation of the pieces, as some parts are identical except for one small drill hole. We had to back up and redo a couple of steps but it wasn't too bad. When finished, it's very solid and stable. It does wobble a bit in wind, but after we anchored it properly to the wall and cement patio, it's solid as a rock now. It's not going anywhere. We tucked it in the corner under the roof awning so that no water could drip down the back. So far so good! I love that it comes with both a high quality mosquito net AND privacy curtains. We installed string lights and an outdoor fan to the ceiling and couldn't be happier. This was a great purchase." - Trent



Does it come in white, or other colors?
  • This gazebo comes only in brown.
Can you recommend a gutter for this product?
  • Unfortunately we do not recommend making any changes to the structure as this will void your warranty. The water will fall through the eaves and fall to the sides and corners of the unit.
Does this product need to be wall mounted? Or can it just be bolted to the floor?
  • It needs to be installed to a wall but does not have to be attached to the wall. It does need to be anchored down to the floor though.
We have a window that is 96 inches. Is there any way to increase the height of the gazebo on installation?
  • No there is no possibility to increase the height of this unit unfortunately.
This says wall mounted. But there are no instructions for attaching to the wall. How do you attach to the wall/house & seal to eliminate leaking at the joining.
  • There are brackets to attach it to the wall but this would not seal it to the wall.
It states the overall height is 94.5". What is the measurement of head clearance?
  • This model being at a slant, the highest head clearance (at the back) is 88.7". The middle is at 82.3" and the front is at 75.1".
Does it include all the necessary screws, brackets, etc to attach this to my house?
  • All the necessary screws and brackets are included, except for the anchoring screws for the wall and the ground.
The picture shows four poles - are there any center poles?
  • There are 2 winter posts included that go in the center of the unit. One is installed on the back beam and one on the middle beam.

Is the 94.5" height the front or back of the roof?

  • The 94.5" height is the total heigh of the back of the roof (side that is on your house wall). if you are looking at head space, and since it is a slanted roof, the back head space is 88.7", the middle is 82.3" and the front is 75.1"

Does this gazebo stand alone or does it require direct attachment to a wall?

  • It can stand alone. You do have brackets to attach it to your house but it is not mandatory. It needs to be anchored down to the ground though.

Can the poles be shortened? I only have 91.5" in height to work with.

  • Unfortunately the posts cannot be shortened. If you still decide to cut them it would void the warranty of the product since it would modify the unit and comprise it's strength.

Can this be left up year round? 

  • This can be left up all year round, but we recommend removing the nettings and store them while the winter. 

What is the maximum roof load (snow)?

  • You also must remove the snow and not let it accumulate all winter long. 

Wind resistance specs?

  • We unfortunately do not have any test results to provide.

Will a ceiling fan work on this product?

  • You can install a fan on the roof connector hook. You just need to make sure it does not weigh more than 15 pounds.

Is the top waterproof? Will I get wet in the rain?

  • Yes it is since the roof is made of galvanized steel.

Does it only come in the grey color?

  • Yes this unit only comes in the grey color.

Can this gazebo be mounted to wood and concrete?

  • Yes all our gazebos must be anchored. Anchoring hardware is not included.

Does this come with ground stakes to anchor to grass?

  • No it does not come with the anchors, only the base plate. It is very important to note this cannot be anchored to the ground (grass) it needs to be installed on a level platform (wood or concrete).

Does this gazebo have a wind vent?

  • No, it doesn't have a wind vent.

What size concrete anchors work best for this unit? I will be installing it on my patio soon and would like to make this a permanent structure.

  • Yes the unit needs to be anchored down. Though you would have to see with a hardware store what type or size of screws are best for your type of flooring as we do not have that information. 

Is there a gutter kit that will work with this Gazebo?

  • We do not have gutter systems to put on our products and it is not recommend to add anything or make changes to the unit.

Can I secure this to a deck?

  • Yes the unit can be anchored down to a deck. It just needs to be anchored down to a solid, flat and level surface (wood, concrete, etc)

What is the wind rating?

  • Unfortunately we do not have Wind ratings for our products.

I plan to put this on about 2 in of pea gravel with ground/dirt underneath. What is the best way to anchor it and will that be sufficient?

  • This is not recommended. The unit needs to be installed on a flat, sturdy, level surface.

Is there a internal gutter system at the base of the roof to handle the flow of rain?

  • It is not a gutter system but the water does fall off the roof and flows in the eaves to fall on the sides and corners of the unit.

Is there tracking so that both the mosquito netting and privacy panels can both be attached at the same time?

  • Yes this item has 2 tracks so you can use both the netting and the curtain at the same time. Please note that only the netting comes with the purchase of this model. The curtains are sold separately.

I need to know if the roof can hold the weight of snow or does it have to disassemble during winter?

  • It is a four season unit but the snow needs to be taken off of the roof to not leave accumulation. We do not have snow ratings for our products.


Since 1993, Sojag has developed and distributed sun shelters, solariums and outdoor furniture, which can be found at most vendors throughout North America. As industry leader, we are passionate about providing products which will transform your outdoor space, extend summer seasons and create an incomparable relaxing atmosphere. Using only fine quality innovative materials, we offer avant-garde structures which last for years to come. We are proud to be at your service with over 400, 000 replacement parts in stock, thus extending the lifespan of your product. Our 20-some years of experience have been dedicated to maximizing your outdoor quality of life – Rediscover your yard!

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